noun \ˈpan-yər, ˈpa-nē-ər\

Definition of PANNIER

:  a large container: as
a :  a basket often carried on the back of an animal or the shoulders of a person
b :  one of a pair of packs or baskets hung over the rear wheel of a vehicle (as a bicycle)
a :  one of a pair of hoops formerly used to expand women's skirts at the sides
b :  an overskirt draped at the sides of a skirt for an effect of fullness

Variants of PANNIER

pan·nier also pan·ier \ˈpan-yər, ˈpa-nē-ər\

Illustration of PANNIER

Origin of PANNIER

Middle English panier, from Anglo-French paner, panier, from Latin panarium, from panis bread — more at food
First Known Use: 13th century

Other Clothing Terms

babushka, brogue, bumbershoot, cravat, dishabille, furbelow, layette, raiment, spectator


noun \ˈpan-yər, ˈpan-ē-ər\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of PANNIER

: a covered basket holding surgical instruments and medicines for a military ambulance


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