noun, often capitalized \ˈpa-nə-ˌmä, -ˌm\

Definition of PANAMA

:  a lightweight hat of natural-colored straw hand-plaited of narrow strips from the young leaves of the jipijapa; also :  a machine-made imitation of this

Origin of PANAMA

American Spanish panamá, from Panama, Central America
First Known Use: 1848


geographical name \ˈpa-nə-ˌmä, -ˌm, ˌpa-nə-ˈ; ˌpä-nä-ˈmä\

Definition of PANAMA

country S Central America; a republic; before 1903 part of Colombia area (including Canal Zone) 30,765 square miles (79,681 square kilometers), pop 3,300,000
or Panama City city & port, its , on Gulf of Panama pop 411,549
ship canal 51 miles (82 kilometers) cen Panama connecting the Atlantic (Caribbean Sea) & the Pacific (Gulf of Panama)
Pan·a·ma·ni·an \ˌpa-nə-ˈmā-nē-ən\ adjective or noun

Variants of PANAMA

Pan·a·ma or Spanish Pa·na·má \ˈpa-nə-ˌmä, -ˌm, ˌpa-nə-ˈ; ˌpä-nä-ˈmä\


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