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trademark \ˈpan-ˌkāk\

Definition of Pan–Cake

  1. —used for a cosmetic in semimoist cake form

Rhymes with pan–cake

air brake, awake, backache, beefcake, beefsteak, betake, blacksnake, bull snake, canebrake, caretake, cheesecake, cheesesteak, clambake, club steak, corncrake, cube steak, cupcake, daybreak, disc brake, drum brake, earache, earthquake, fair shake, fast break, firebreak, firedrake, fish cake, flank steak, forsake, friedcake, fruitcake, green snake, grubstake, hand brake, handshake, headache, heartache, heartbreak, hoecake, hotcake, housebreak, intake, jailbreak, keepsake, king snake, lapstrake, mandrake, milk snake, mistake, moonquake, muckrake, namesake, newsbreak, oatcake, oil cake, opaque, outbreak, outtake, pancake, partake, pound cake, pump fake, rat snake, remake, retake, rewake, rock brake, seaquake, sea snake, seedcake, sheldrake, shortcake, snowflake, sponge cake, Swiss steak, tea cake, toothache, unmake, uptake, wheat cake, windbreak, wind shake, youthquake

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a lover or connoisseur of wine

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