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noun \ˈper\

Simple Definition of pair

  • : two things that are the same and are meant to be used together

  • : a thing that has two parts which are joined

  • : two people who are related in some way or who do something together

Full Definition of pair

plural pairs or pair

  1. 1 a (1) :  two corresponding things designed for use together <a pair of shoes> (2) :  two corresponding bodily parts or members <a pair of hands> b :  something made up of two corresponding pieces <a pair of trousers>

  2. 2 a :  two similar or associated things: as (1) :  two mated animals (2) :  a couple in love, engaged, or married <were a devoted pair> (3) :  two playing cards of the same value or denomination and especially of the same rank (4) :  two horses harnessed side by side (5) :  two members of a deliberative body that agree not to vote on a specific issue during a time agreed on; also :  an agreement not to vote made by the two members b :  a partnership especially of two players in a contest against another partnership

  3. 3 chiefly dialect :  a set or series of small objects (as beads)

Examples of pair

  1. He blushed when he saw all three pairs of eyes watching him.

  2. She won with a pair of aces.

  3. I got my first pair of glasses when I was eight.

  4. His two closest friends lived in the city and the pair of them visited him often.

  5. The dance is usually performed by a male and female pair.

  6. Those two kids make quite a pair.

Origin of pair

Middle English paire, from Anglo-French, from Latin paria equal things, from neuter plural of par equal

First Known Use: 14th century




Simple Definition of pair

  • : to put (two people or things) together

Full Definition of pair

  1. transitive verb
  2. 1 a :  to make a pair of —often used with off or up <paired off the animals> b :  to cause to be a member of a pair c :  to arrange a voting pair between

  3. 2 :  to arrange in pairs

  4. intransitive verb
  5. 1 :  to constitute a member of a pair <a sock that didn't pair>

  6. 2 a :  to become associated with another —often used with off or up <paired up with an old friend> b :  to become grouped or separated into pairs —often used with off <paired off for the next dance>

Examples of pair

  1. The teacher paired students with partners for the assignment.


First Known Use of pair


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