adverb \ˌō-vər-ˈnīt\

: for or during the entire night

: very quickly or suddenly

Full Definition of OVERNIGHT

a :  on the evening before
b :  during the night <stayed away overnight>
:  very quickly or suddenly <became famous overnight>

Examples of OVERNIGHT

  1. He stayed overnight and went home the next day.
  2. Let the paint dry overnight.
  3. The novel made her famous overnight.

First Known Use of OVERNIGHT

14th century

Rhymes with OVERNIGHT

acolyte, aconite, aerolite, Ammonite, Amorite, amosite, anchorite, andesite, anthracite, antiwhite, apartheid, appetite, arsenite, azurite, Bakelite, bedlamite, Benthamite, biotite, bipartite, black-and-white, blatherskite, bleacherite, bring to light, Brooklynite, bryophyte, calamite, Canaanite, candlelight, Carmelite, Castroite, catamite, cellulite, cenobite, chalcocite, chestnut blight, Chinese white, columbite, coprolite, copyright, cryolite, crystallite, disinvite, disunite, divine right, dolerite, dolomite, dynamite, ebonite, epiphyte, eremite, erudite, expedite, extradite, featherlight, fight-or-flight, fly-by-night, gelignite, geophyte, gesundheit, gigabyte, Gilsonite, Hashemite, hematite, hemocyte, hessonite, Hitlerite, Houstonite, hug-me-tight, Hutterite, hyalite, Ibsenite, impolite, inner light, Ishmaelite, Isle of Wight, Israelite, Jacobite, Jerseyite, Josephite, kilobyte, kimberlite, laborite, lazulite, leading light, Leavisite, Leninite, leukocyte, lily-white, localite, lymphocyte, macrophyte, magnetite, malachite, manganite, Marcionite, Masonite, megabyte, Mennonite, Minorite, Moabite, Mr. Right, muscovite, Muscovite, Nazirite, neophyte, oocyte, open sight, out-of-sight, overbite, overflight, oversight, overwrite, parasite, patent right, perovskite, phagocyte, pilot light, plebiscite, proselyte, Puseyite, pyrrhotite, recondite, reunite, rhyolite, running light, Saint Paulite, saprolite, satellite, Scottish rite, second sight, see the light, self-ignite, serve one right, shergottite, socialite, sodalite, sodomite, spider mite, Stagirite, Sydneyite, taconite, tanzanite, terabyte, time-of-flight, traffic light, transfinite, transvestite, tripartite, troglodyte, Trotskyite, Ulsterite, ultralight, underwrite, urbanite, vigil light, Wahhabite, water right, water sprite, watertight, Wycliffite, xerophyte, yesternight, zoophyte



: happening, traveling, or staying during the night

: happening very quickly or suddenly

Full Definition of OVERNIGHT

:  of, lasting, or staying the night
:  sudden, rapid <an overnight sensation>
:  traveling during the night <an overnight train>
a :  accomplished by a mail service within one day's time <overnight delivery>
b :  delivered within one day's time <overnight mail>

Examples of OVERNIGHT

  1. They went on an overnight bus trip.
  2. Overnight guests are not allowed in the dormitory.
  3. The show was an overnight success.

First Known Use of OVERNIGHT



verb \ˈō-vər-ˌnīt, ˌō-vər-ˈ\

Definition of OVERNIGHT

intransitive verb
:  to stay overnight
transitive verb
:  to send (as a package or letter) by a mail service for delivery within one day's time

First Known Use of OVERNIGHT



noun \ˈō-vər-ˌnīt\

Definition of OVERNIGHT

:  an overnight stay

First Known Use of OVERNIGHT



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