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verb, out·grow \ˌau̇t-ˈgrō\

Simple Definition of outgrow

  • : to grow too large for (someone or something)

  • : to stop doing (something) because you are older and more mature

  • : to stop being interested in or involved with (something or someone) because you have changed as you have grown older

Source: Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary

Full Definition of outgrow

outgrewplay \-ˈgrü\outgrownplay \-ˈgrōn\outgrowing

  1. transitive verb
  2. 1 :  to grow or increase faster than <mankind is outgrowing food supplies — R. C. Murphy>

  3. 2 :  to grow too large or too mature for <outgrew his best suit> <the need to outgrow the habit of war — Norman Cousins>

Examples of outgrow in a sentence

  1. Kids outgrow their clothes so quickly.

  2. The plant has outgrown my garden.

  3. Our business is outgrowing its small office building.

  4. She's outgrown most of her toys.

  5. I realized that I had outgrown my old high school friends.


First Known Use of outgrow


Rhymes with outgrow

aglow, ago, airflow, airglow, air show, alow, although, archfoe, argot, a throw, backflow, backhoe, bandeau, Baotou, barlow, bateau, below, bestow, big toe, bon mot, bravo, by-blow, cachepot, callow, caló, Carlow, cash flow, chapeau, Chi-Rho, cockcrow, Cocteau, cornrow, corn snow, crossbow, Cousteau, Darrow, Day-Glo, dayglow, death row, Defoe, de trop, deathblow, deco, down-bow, dumb show, elbow, escrow, fencerow, flambeau, floor show, flyblow, fogbow, forego, foreknow, forgo, freak show, free throw, Freneau, Fuzhou, galop, game show, genro, gigot, Glencoe, go-slow, Gounod, Guangzhou, gung ho, guyot, Hadow, Hangzhou, Hankow, Harrow, heave-ho, hedgerow, heigh-ho, hello, hollo, horse show, ice floe, ice show, inflow, in tow, Io, jabot, jambeau, Jane Doe, jim crow, Jinzhou, Joe Blow, Jiaozhou, John Doe, Juneau, Hounslow, kayo, KO, Lanzhou, lie low, light show, longbow, low blow, Luchow, macho, mahoe, maillot, mallow, manteau, Marlowe, Marot, marrow, matelot, merlot, Meursault, minnow, Miró, misknow, Moho, mojo, morceau, morrow, Moscow, mucro, mudflow, Murrow, nightglow, no-no, no-show, nouveau, oboe, outflow, outgo, oxbow, peep show, Pernod, picot, plateau, pronto, Quanzhou, quiz show, rainbow, Rameau, red snow, reflow, regrow, repo, reseau, road show, rondeau, rondo, roscoe, Roseau, rouleau, sabot, Saint-Lô, salchow, scarecrow, self-sow, serow, shadblow, Shantou, sideshow, skid row, ski tow, Soho, so-so, sound bow, sourdough, stone's throw, sunbow, Suzhou, tableau, Taizhou, talk show, tiptoe, Thoreau, tone row, tonneau, trade show, trousseau, Trudeau, uh-oh, unsew, up-bow, upthrow, van Gogh, wallow, Wenzhou, Wicklow, widow, willow, windrow, windthrow, winnow, Winslow, Wuzhou, Xuzhou, Yalow, yarrow, Zhangzhou, Zhengzhou, Zibo

OUTGROW Defined for Kids


verb out·grow \au̇t-ˈgrō\

Definition of outgrow for Students

outgrew \-ˈgrü\outgrown \-ˈgrōn\outgrowing

  1. 1 :  to grow too large or too old for <I outgrew my clothes.>

  2. 2 :  to grow faster than <One plant outgrew all the others.>

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