adjective ori·en·tal \ˌr-ē-ˈen-təl\

: of, relating to, or from Asia and especially eastern Asia

Full Definition of ORIENTAL

often capitalized :  of, relating to, or situated in Asia
a :  of superior grade, luster, or value
b :  being corundum or sapphire but simulating another gem in color
often capitalized sometimes offensive :  Asian
capitalized :  of, relating to, or constituting the biogeographic region that includes Asia south and southeast of the Himalayas and the Malay Archipelago west of Wallace's line
ori·en·tal·ly \-təl-ē\ adverb

First Known Use of ORIENTAL

14th century



Definition of ORIENTAL

sometimes offensive :  Asian; especially :  one who is a native of east Asia or is of east Asian descent

First Known Use of ORIENTAL

15th century
ORIENTAL Defined for Kids


adjective , ori·en·tal often cap \ˌōr-ē-ˈen-təl\

Definition of ORIENTAL for Kids

sometimes offensive :  1asian Hint:In the past, this word was not considered offensive when applied to Asian people. In recent years, however, many people have come to find the word hurtful when applied to a person, and you may offend someone by using it in that way.
:  relating to or from the region that includes the countries of eastern Asia (as China, Japan, South Korea, and North Korea)
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