noun \ˈhf, ˈhüf\

: the hard covering on the foot of an animal (such as a horse or pig)

plural hooves \ˈhüvz, ˈhvz\ also hoofs

Full Definition of HOOF

:  a curved covering of horn that protects the front of or encloses the ends of the digits of an ungulate mammal and that corresponds to a nail or claw
:  a hoofed foot especially of a horse
on the hoof
of a meat animal :  before butchering :  living <90¢ a pound on the hoof>

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Origin of HOOF

Middle English, from Old English hōf; akin to Old High German huof hoof, Sanskrit śapha
First Known Use: before 12th century

Other Anatomy Terms

bilateral symmetry, carotid, cartilage, dorsal, entrails, prehensile, renal, solar plexus, supine, thoracic, ventral

Rhymes with HOOF



: to dance as a performer

Full Definition of HOOF

transitive verb
:  walk <hoofed it to the lecture hall>
:  kick, trample
intransitive verb
:  to move on the feet; especially :  dance

Examples of HOOF

  1. The cast was hoofing on the stage.

First Known Use of HOOF



noun \ˈhf, ˈhüf\   (Medical Dictionary)
plural hooves \ˈhüvz, ˈhvz\ also hoofs

Medical Definition of HOOF

: a horny covering that protects the ends of the toes of numerous plant-eating 4-footed mammals (as horses or cattle); also : a hoofed foot

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