noun \ˈō-(ˌ)bō\

: a musical instrument that is shaped like a tube and that is played by blowing into a small, thin piece at the top of the tube

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:  a double-reed woodwind instrument having a conical tube, a brilliant penetrating tone, and a usual range from B flat below middle C upward for over 212 octaves
obo·ist \ˈō-(ˌ)bō-ist\ noun

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Origin of OBOE

Italian, from French hautbois — more at hautbois
First Known Use: 1794

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noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Double-reed woodwind instrument. The oboe developed out of the more powerful shawm in the early 17th century. Intended (unlike the shawm) for indoor use with stringed instruments, its tone was softer and less brilliant. With its sweet but piercing sound, it was by the end of the 17th century the principal wind instrument of the orchestra and military band and, after the violin, the leading solo instrument of the time. The early oboe had only 2 keys, but in France by 1839 the number of keys had gradually increased to 10. With the decline in popularity of the military band, the oboe likewise declined somewhat in popularity. Today the orchestra generally includes two oboes. The oboe d'amore, an alto oboe with a pear-shaped bell, was especially popular in the 18th century; the modern alto oboe is the English horn.


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