biographical name \ˌnäs-trə-ˈdä-məs, ˌnōs-, -ˈdā-\

Definition of NOSTRADAMUS

1503–1566 Michel de Notredame or Nostredame Fr. physician & astrologer


biographical name    (Concise Encyclopedia)

(born Dec. 14, 1503, Saint-Rémy, France—died July 2, 1566, Salon) French astrologer and physician known for his prophecies. He practiced medicine in southern France from 1529 and gained a reputation for his innovative treatment of plague victims in 1546–47. He began making prophecies in 1547, and in 1555 they were published in a book titled Centuries. He wrote them in rhymed quatrains, using a cryptic style that mingled French, Latin, Spanish, and Hebrew. Catherine de Médicis invited him to her court as an astrologer, and in 1560 he was appointed physician to Charles IX. His prophecies are still widely read; readers have discovered apparent predictions of such world events as the French Revolution and World War I.


Nostradamus orig. Michel de Notredame


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