geographical name \ˈnr-mən-dē\

Definition of NORMANDY

region & former province NW France NE of Brittany Rouen

Variants of NORMANDY

Nor·man·dy or French Nor·man·die \nr-mäⁿ-ˈdē\


   (Concise Encyclopedia)

Historic and cultural region, northwestern France. The capital was Rouen. It has been inhabited since Paleolithic times. Its Celtic population was conquered by the Romans c. 56 BC, when it became part of the province of Lugdunensis. Invaded by Vikings in the 8th century AD, it was ceded to their chief, Rollo, in 911 by Charles III (the Simple) of France. The Vikings became known as Normans, hence the region's name. William, duke of Normandy, united Normandy and England (Norman Conquest, 1066) and became William I (the Conqueror) of England. Normandy became a province of France in 1450 and was divided into several departments after the French Revolution. It was the site of the World War II Allied invasion of German-occupied France in 1944 (see Normandy Campaign). The region has retained its rural character despite the growth of towns along the lower Seine valley.

Variants of NORMANDY

Normandy French Normandie


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