noun \ˈniks\

Definition of NIX

:  nothing

Origin of NIX

German nichts nothing
First Known Use: 1789

Rhymes with NIX



: to refuse to accept or allow (something) : to say no to (something, such as a suggestion or plan)

Full Definition of NIX

transitive verb
:  veto, reject <the court nixed the merger>

Examples of NIX

  1. <our supervisor nixed my request to work from home, if only on a trial basis>
  2. <movie audiences have effectively nixed the idea of the reviving the old-fashioned western by emphatically ignoring this latest effort>

First Known Use of NIX

circa 1903



Definition of NIX

:  no —used to express disagreement or the withholding of permission —often used with on <they said nix on our plan>

First Known Use of NIX




Definition of NIX

:  a water sprite of Germanic folklore

Origin of NIX

German, from Old High German nihhus; akin to Old English nicor water monster and perhaps to Greek nizein to wash
First Known Use: 1833


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