noun, ni·tro·gen often attributive \ˈnī-trə-jən\

: a chemical that has no color or smell and that makes up a large part of the atmosphere

Full Definition of NITROGEN

:  a colorless tasteless odorless element that as a diatomic gas is relatively inert and constitutes 78 percent of the atmosphere and that is a constituent of organic compounds found in all living tissues — see element table
ni·trog·e·nous \nī-ˈträ-jə-nəs\ adjective

Origin of NITROGEN

French nitrogène, from nitre niter + -gène -gen
First Known Use: 1794
NITROGENOUS Defined for Kids


noun ni·tro·gen \ˈnī-trə-jən\

Definition of NITROGEN for Kids

:  a colorless odorless gaseous chemical element that makes up 78 percent of the atmosphere and forms a part of all living tissues
Medical Dictionary


noun ni·tro·gen \ˈnī-trə-jən\

Medical Definition of NITROGEN

:  a common nonmetallic element that in the free form is normally a colorless odorless tasteless insoluble inert diatomic gas comprising 78 percent of the atmosphere by volume and that in the combined form is a constituent of biologically important compounds (as proteins, nucleic acids, and alkaloids) and hence of all living cells as well as of industrially important substances (as cyanides, fertilizers, dyes, and antibiotics)—symbol N; see element table


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