verb \ˈni-gəl\

: to worry or annoy (someone)

: to argue or make criticisms about something that is not important

nig·glednig·gling \-g(ə-)liŋ\

Full Definition of NIGGLE

intransitive verb
a :  trifle
b :  to spend too much effort on minor details
:  to find fault constantly in a petty way :  carp <she haggles, she niggles, she wears out our patience — Virginia Woolf>
:  gnaw
transitive verb
:  to give stingily or in tiny portions
nig·gler \-g(ə-)lər\ noun

Examples of NIGGLE

  1. She had been niggled by worry her entire life.
  2. He's always niggling over small details.

Origin of NIGGLE

origin unknown
First Known Use: circa 1616



: a slight feeling of something (such as doubt)

: a slight pain

: a small criticism or complaint

Full Definition of NIGGLE

chiefly British
:  a trifling doubt, objection, or complaint

Examples of NIGGLE

  1. I've had a knee niggle for the past few days.
  2. He has a bit of a niggle in his back.
  3. I have a few minor niggles about the performance.

First Known Use of NIGGLE


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