Niagara Falls

Ni·ag·a·ra Falls

geographical name \(ˌ)nī-ˈa-g(ə-)rə\

Definition of NIAGARA FALLS

waterfalls on border between New York & Ontario in the Niagara River (36 miles or 58 kilometers flowing from Lake Erie N into Lake Ontario); divided by Goat Island into Horseshoe, or Canadian, Falls (158 feet or 48 m high) & American Falls (167 feet or 51 m high)
city W New York at the falls pop 50,193
city Canada in SE Ontario pop 82,997

Niagara Falls

   (Concise Encyclopedia)

Great falls of the Niagara River, on the U.S.-Canadian border. They are divided by Goat Island into the Horseshoe (or Canadian) Falls and the American Falls. At the foot of the American Falls is the Cave of the Winds, a large rocky chamber formed by erosion. The river below the falls flows between high cliffs, forming Whirlpool Rapids. Bridges spanning the river include Rainbow Bridge between the U.S. and Canadian cities of Niagara Falls. French missionary Louis Hennepin visited in 1678. Tourism is a major industry, and the falls are a hydroelectric centre.


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