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noun neu·ron \ˈnü-ˌrän, ˈnyü-; ˈnr-ˌän, ˈnyr-\

medical : a cell that carries messages between the brain and other parts of the body and that is the basic unit of the nervous system

Full Definition of NEURON

:  a grayish or reddish granular cell with specialized processes that is the fundamental functional unit of nervous tissue
neu·ro·nal \ˈnr-ə-nəl, ˈnyr-; n-ˈrō-nəl, ny-\ also neu·ron·ic \n-ˈrä-nik, ny-\ adjective

Illustration of NEURON

Origin of NEURON

New Latin neuron, from Greek, nerve, sinew — more at nerve
First Known Use: 1891

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NEURONS Defined for Kids


noun neu·ron \ˈnü-ˌrän, ˈnyü-\

Definition of NEURON for Kids

Medical Dictionary


noun neu·ron \ˈn(y)ü-ˌrän, ˈn(y)(ə)r-ˌän\

Medical Definition of NEURON

:  one of the cells that constitute nervous tissue, that have the property of transmitting and receiving nervous impulses, and that are composed of somewhat reddish or grayish protoplasm with a large nucleus containing a conspicuous nucleolus, irregular cytoplasmic granules, and cytoplasmic processes which are highly differentiated frequently as multiple dendrites or usually as solitary axons and which conduct impulses toward and away from the nerve cell body—called also nerve cell
neu·ro·nal \ˈn(y)r-ən-əl, n(y)-ˈrōn-əl\ also neu·ron·ic \n(y)-ˈrän-ik\ adjective

Variants of NEURON

neu·ron also neu·rone \-ˌrōn, -ˌōn\

Illustration of NEURON


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