noun \ni-ˈfri-dē-əm\
plural -ia \-dē-ə\

Definition of NEPHRIDIUM

:  a tubular glandular excretory organ characteristic of various invertebrates
ne·phrid·i·al \-dē-əl\ adjective


New Latin
First Known Use: 1877


noun \ni-ˈfrid-ē-əm\   (Medical Dictionary)
plural -ia \-ē-ə\

Medical Definition of NEPHRIDIUM

: an excretory organ that is characteristic of various coelomate invertebrates (as annelid worms, mollusks, brachiopods, and some arthropods), occurs paired in each body segment or as a single pair serving the whole body, typically consists of a tube opening at one end into the coelom and discharging at the other end on the exterior of the body, is often lengthened and convoluted, and has glandular walls
ne·phrid·i·al \-ē-əl\ adjective

Illustration of NEPHRIDIUM


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