conjunction nei·ther \ˈnē-thər also ˈnī-\

: also not

Full Definition of NEITHER

:  not either <neither black nor white>
:  also not <neither did I>

Usage Discussion of NEITHER

Although use with or is neither archaic nor wrong, neither is usually followed by nor. A few commentators think that neither must be limited in reference to two, but reference to more than two has been quite common since the 17th century <rigid enforcement of antique decorum will help neither language, literature, nor literati — James Sledd>.

Origin of NEITHER

Middle English, alteration (influenced by either) of nauther, nother, from Old English nāhwæther, nōther, from nā, nō not + hwæther which of two, whether
First Known Use: 12th century



: not the one and not the other of two people or things

Full Definition of NEITHER

:  not the one or the other of two or more

Usage Discussion of NEITHER

Some commentators insist that neither must be used with a singular verb. It generally is, but especially when a prepositional phrase intervenes between it and the verb, a plural verb is quite common <neither of those ideal solutions are in sight — C. P. Snow>.

Examples of NEITHER

  1. Which one do you want? Neither, thanks.
  2. Neither of them dances well.
  3. There are two flashlights, neither of which works.

First Known Use of NEITHER

13th century

Rhymes with NEITHER



: not one or the other of two people or things

Full Definition of NEITHER

:  not either <neither hand>

Examples of NEITHER

  1. Which answer is correct? Neither one.

First Known Use of NEITHER

14th century



Definition of NEITHER

chiefly dialect :  either
:  similarly not :  also not <just as the serf was not permitted to leave the land, so neither was his offspring — G. G. Coulton>

First Known Use of NEITHER



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