noun \ˈnē-gəs, ni-ˈgüs\

Definition of NEGUS

:  king —used as a title of the sovereign of Ethiopia

Origin of NEGUS

Amharic nəgus, from Geez nĕgūša nagašt king of kings
First Known Use: 1594

Other Forms of Address Terms

appellation, beatitude, brethren, emeritus, esquire, sire, sous


noun \ˈnē-gəs\

Definition of NEGUS

:  a beverage of wine, hot water, sugar, lemon juice, and spices

Origin of NEGUS

Francis Negus †1732 English colonel
First Known Use: 1743

Other Alcoholic Beverage Terms

finish, gimlet, mull, sake, setup, sommelier, syllabub, vintner, wassail


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