noun \nə-ˈkrä-pə-ləs, ne-\

: a large cemetery especially of an ancient city

plural ne·crop·o·lis·es or ne·crop·o·les\-ˌlēz\ or -leis \-ˌlās\ or ne·crop·o·li\-ˌlī, -ˌlē\

Full Definition of NECROPOLIS

:  cemetery; especially :  a large elaborate cemetery of an ancient city

Examples of NECROPOLIS

  1. Archaeologists uncovered a necropolis of ancient Rome.
  2. <an ancient necropolis that has given archaeologists valuable insights into how people once lived and died>


Late Latin, city of the dead, from Greek nekropolis, from nekr- + -polis -polis
First Known Use: 1819

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noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

(Greek: “city of the dead”) Extensive and elaborate burial place serving an ancient city. The locations of these cemeteries varied. Many in Egypt, such as the necropolis of western Thebes, were situated across the Nile River opposite the cities. In Greece and Rome a necropolis often lined the roads leading out of town. A necropolis was discovered in the 1940s under St. Peter's Basilica in Rome.


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