noun \ˈnā-vē\

: the part of a country's military forces that fights at sea using ships, submarines, airplanes, etc.

plural navies

Full Definition of NAVY

:  a group of ships :  fleet
:  a nation's ships of war and of logistic support
often capitalized :  the complete naval establishment of a nation including yards, stations, ships, and personnel
:  a dark grayish purplish blue

Examples of NAVY

  1. A similar submarine is used by several foreign navies.
  2. a career in the navy
  3. The shirt comes in black, white, and navy.

Origin of NAVY

Middle English navie, from Anglo-French, from Latin navigia ships, from navigare
First Known Use: 14th century

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noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Warships and craft of every kind maintained by a nation for fighting on, under, or over the sea. A large modern navy includes aircraft carriers, cruisers, destroyers, frigates, submarines, minesweepers and minelayers, gunboats, and various types of support, supply, and repair ships, as well as naval bases and ports. Naval ships are the chief means by which a nation extends sea power. Their two chief functions are to achieve sea control and sea denial. Control of the sea enables a nation and its allies to carry on maritime commerce, amphibious assaults, and other seaborne operations that may be essential in wartime. Denial of the sea deprives enemy merchant vessels and warships of safe navigation. See also U.S. Navy.


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