adverb \ˈna-chər-ə-lē, ˈnach-rə-, ˈna-chər-\

—used to describe something that happens or exists by itself without being controlled or changed by someone

—used to say that something is expected or normal

: because of a quality or skill that a person or animal is born with

Full Definition of NATURALLY

:  by nature :  by natural character or ability <naturally timid>
:  according to the usual course of things :  as might be expected <we naturally dislike being hurt>
a :  without artificial aid <hair that curls naturally>
b :  without affectation <speak naturally>
:  with truth to nature :  realistically

Examples of NATURALLY

  1. He's naturally able to make people feel comfortable.
  2. Cats are said to be naturally curious.

First Known Use of NATURALLY

14th century


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