geographical name \ˈnan(t)s, ˈnäⁿt\

Definition of NANTES

city NW France on the Loire pop 270,343


geographical name    (Concise Encyclopedia)

City (pop., 2006 est.: 282,853), northwestern France. Located on the Loire River, west of Tours, it derives its name from the Namnètes, a Gallic tribe settled there before the Romans conquered Gaul. The Huns, the Normans, and dukes of Brittany claimed it before it passed to France in 1499. It rallied to King Henry IV of France after he signed the Edict of Nantes in 1598. During the French Revolution its populace suffered many executions. Occupied by German troops in World War II, it was heavily damaged by Allied bombing; it was taken by U.S. troops in 1944. Rebuilt into a major economic centre, it has important industrial plants and shipbuilding yards. It also boasts a castle, a cathedral, a university, and an art museum.

Variants of NANTES

Nantes Breton Naoned ancient Condivincum


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