noun \nä-ˌēv-ˈtā, -ˌē-və-; nä-ˈēv-ˌtā, -ˈē-və-; nī-\

Definition of NAÏVETÉ

:  a naive remark or action
:  the quality or state of being naive

Variants of NAÏVETÉ

na·ïve·té also na·ive·te or na·ive·té \nä-ˌēv-ˈtā, -ˌē-və-; nä-ˈēv-ˌtā, -ˈē-və-; nī-\

Examples of NAÏVETÉ

  1. <her naïveté led her to leave her new car unlocked while she shopped at the mall>
  2. <though he was streetwise, the investigative reporter regularly assumed an air of naïveté when he was interviewing confidence men, charlatans, counterfeiters, and other assorted swindlers of the general public>

Origin of NAÏVETÉ

French naïveté, from Old French, inborn character, from naif
First Known Use: 1673


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