: soft in color : not bright

: soft or quiet in sound : quieter than usual

: not done or expressed in a strong, forceful, or excited way

Full Definition of MUTED

a :  being mute :  silent
b :  toned down :  low-key, subdued
:  provided with or produced or modified by the use of a mute
mut·ed·ly adverb

Examples of MUTED

  1. The artist chose colors that are dark and muted.
  2. the muted sound of a distant trumpet
  3. The government chose a more muted response to the threat.
  4. Their proposal has drawn a muted reaction from most observers.

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Other Music Terms

cacophony, chorister, concerto, counterpoint, madrigal, obbligato, presto, presto, refrain, riff, segue

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