verb \ˈmyü-ˌtāt, myü-ˈ\

biology : to cause (a gene) to change and create an unusual characteristic in a plant or animal : to cause mutation in (a gene)

: to change and cause an unusual characteristic to develop in a plant or animal

: to change into something very different


Full Definition of MUTATE

intransitive verb
:  to undergo mutation
transitive verb
:  to cause to undergo mutation
mu·ta·tive \ˈmyü-ˌtā-tiv, -tə-tiv\ adjective

Examples of MUTATE

  1. a disease that mutates genes in humans
  2. a group of mutated genes
  3. Over time, her feelings mutated from hatred into love.
  4. opera singers mutating into pop stars

Origin of MUTATE

Latin mutatus, past participle of mutare
First Known Use: 1818

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verb \ˈmyü-ˌtāt, myü-ˈ\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of MUTATE

intransitive verb
: to undergo mutation
transitive verb
: to cause to undergo mutation
mu·ta·tive \ˈmyü-ˌtāt-iv, ˈmyüt-ət-\ adjective


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