noun plural \mü-ˌja-hi-ˈdēn, m-, -ˌjä-\

Definition of MUJAHIDEEN

:  Islamic guerrilla fighters especially in the Middle East

Variants of MUJAHIDEEN

mu·ja·hid·een or mu·ja·hed·in also mu·ja·hed·een \mü-ˌja-hi-ˈdēn, m-, -ˌjä-\


Arabic mujāhidīn, plural of mujāhid, literally, person who wages jihad
First Known Use: 1887


   (Concise Encyclopedia)

In its broadest sense, those Muslims who proclaim themselves warriors for the faith. Its Arabic singular, mujahid, was not an uncommon personal name from the early Islamic period onward. However, the term did not gain popular currency as a collective or plural noun referring to “holy warriors” until the 18th century in India, where it became associated with Muslim revivalism. In the 20th century the term was used most commonly in Iran and Afghanistan. In Iran the Mojahedin-e Khalq (“Mujahideen of the People”), a group combining Islamic and Marxist ideologies, engaged in a long-term guerrilla war against the leadership of the Islamic republic. The name was most closely associated, however, with members of a number of guerrilla groups operating in Afghanistan that opposed invading Soviet forces and eventually toppled the Afghan communist government during the Afghan War (1979–92). Rival factions thereafter fell out among themselves precipitating the rise of one faction, the Taliban. Like the term jihad—to which it is lexicographically connected—the name has been used rather freely, both in the press and by Islamic militants themselves, and often has been used to refer to any Muslim groups engaged in hostilities with non-Muslims or even with secularized Muslim regimes.

Variants of MUJAHIDEEN

mujahideen Arabic mujahidun (“those engaged in jihad”)


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