adjective \ˈma-sē, -zē\

: shy and quiet

of hair : dull brown in color


Full Definition of MOUSY

:  of, relating to, or resembling a mouse: as
a :  quiet, stealthy
b :  timid, retiring
c :  grayish brown
mous·i·ly \-sə-lē, -zə-\ adverb
mous·i·ness \-sē-nəs, -zē-\ noun

Variants of MOUSY

mousy or mous·ey \ˈma-sē, -zē\

Examples of MOUSY

  1. The movie is a fantasy about a mousy housewife who is transformed into a glamorous star.
  2. <a mousy little girl who hid behind her mother the entire time we were there>

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