noun \ˈmth-ˌbl\

: a small ball that contains a strong-smelling chemical and that is used to keep moths away from stored clothing

Full Definition of MOTHBALL

:  a ball made formerly of camphor but now often of naphthalene and paradichlorobenzene and used to keep moths from clothing
plural :  a condition of protective storage <put the ships in mothballs after the war>; also :  a state of having been rejected for further use or dismissed from further consideration

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: to stop using (something) while keeping it to be possibly used in the future

Full Definition of MOTHBALL

transitive verb
:  to deactivate (as a ship) and prevent deterioration chiefly by dehumidification
:  to withdraw from use or service and keep in reserve :  put aside

Examples of MOTHBALL

  1. Many navy ships were mothballed after the war.

First Known Use of MOTHBALL



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