noun \män-ˈtäzh, mōⁿ(n)-\

: a work of art that is made up of several different kinds of things (such as strips of newspaper, pictures, or pieces of wood)

: a mixture of different things

Full Definition of MONTAGE

:  the production of a rapid succession of images in a motion picture to illustrate an association of ideas
a :  a literary, musical, or artistic composite of juxtaposed more or less heterogeneous elements
b :  a composite picture made by combining several separate pictures
:  a heterogeneous mixture :  jumble <a montage of emotions>

Examples of MONTAGE

  1. a photographer who often uses montage in her pictures
  2. <my memories of the childhood trip are a montage of the sights, smells, and sounds of India>

Origin of MONTAGE

French, from monter to mount
First Known Use: 1929

Other Performing Arts Terms

diva, dramaturgy, loge, prestidigitation, proscenium, supernumerary, zany



Definition of MONTAGE

transitive verb
:  to combine into or depict in a montage

First Known Use of MONTAGE


Other Fine Arts Terms

Gothic, baroque, bas-relief, limn, oeuvre, pastiche, rococo, sfumato


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Pictorial technique in which cut-out illustrations, or fragments of them, are arranged together and mounted on a support, producing a composite picture made from several different pictures. It differs from collage in using only ready-made images chosen for their subject or message. The technique is widely used in advertising. Photomontage uses photographs only. In motion pictures, montage is the sequential assembling of separate pieces of thematically related film by the director, film editor, and visual and sound technicians, who cut and fit each part with the others to produce visual juxtapositions and complex audio patterns.


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