noun \ˈmō-ˌni-zəm, ˈmä-\

Definition of MONISM

a :  a view that there is only one kind of ultimate substance
b :  the view that reality is one unitary organic whole with no independent parts
:  a viewpoint or theory that reduces all phenomena to one principle
mo·nist \ˈmō-nist, ˈmä-\ noun
mo·nis·tic \mō-ˈnis-tik, mä-\ adjective

Origin of MONISM

German Monismus, from mon- + -ismus -ism
First Known Use: 1862


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

In metaphysics, the doctrine that the world is essentially one substance or contains only one kind of substance. Monism is opposed both to dualism and to pluralism. Examples of monism include materialism, pantheism, and metaphysical idealism. See also Benedict de Spinoza.


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