noun mon·goose \ˈmän-ˌgüs, ˈmäŋ-\

: a small and very fast animal from India that eats snakes and rodents

plural mon·goos·es also mon·geese \-ˌgēs\

Full Definition of MONGOOSE

:  any of numerous carnivorous mammals (family Herpestidae) that are agile usually ferret-sized mammals sometimes with bands or stripes, feed chiefly on small animals and fruits, and are sometimes grouped with the viverrids in two subfamilies (Herpestinae and Galidiinae)

Illustration of MONGOOSE

Origin of MONGOOSE

Hindi & Marathi mãgūs, from Prakrit maṁgūsa
First Known Use: 1698
MONGEESE Defined for Kids


noun mon·goose \ˈmän-ˌgüs, ˈmäŋ-ˌgüs\
plural mon·goos·es

Definition of MONGOOSE for Kids

:  a long thin furry animal with sharp claws that eats small animals (as snakes and mice), eggs, and fruit


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