noun \ˈmä-nə-ˌster-ē\

: a place where monks live and work together

plural mon·as·ter·ies

Full Definition of MONASTERY

:  a house for persons under religious vows; especially :  an establishment for monks

Examples of MONASTERY

  1. <Gregory Mendel worked out his concepts of genetics by doing breeding experiments using pea plants in the monastery's garden.>


Middle English monasterie, from Late Latin monasterium, from Late Greek monastērion, from Greek, hermit's cell, from monazein to live alone, from monos single — more at monk
First Known Use: 15th century

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noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Local community or residence of a religious order, particularly an order of monks. Christian monasteries originally developed in Egypt, where the monks first lived as isolated hermits and then began to coalesce in communal groups. Monasteries were later found throughout the Christian world and often included a central space for church, chapels, fountain, and dining hall. In the Middle Ages they served as centres of worship and learning and often played an important role for various European rulers. The vihara was an early type of Buddhist monastery, consisting of an open court surrounded by open cells accessible through an entrance porch. Originally built in India to shelter monks during the rainy season, viharas took on a sacred character when small stupas and images of the Buddha were installed in the central court. In western India, viharas were often excavated into rock cliffs. See also abbey.


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