Mohenjo Daro

Mo·hen·jo Da·ro

geographical name \mō-ˈhen-(ˌ)jō-ˈdär-(ˌ)ō\

Definition of MOHENJO DARO

prehistoric city Pakistan in Indus valley NE of modern Karachi

Mohenjo Daro

   (Concise Encyclopedia)

Ancient city on the bank of the Indus River, in present-day southern Pakistan. At about 3 mi (5 km) in circuit, it was the largest city of the Indus civilization in the 3rd–2nd millennium BC, and it probably served as the capital of an extensive state. It was fortified, and its citadel contained, according to archaeological finds, an elaborate bath, a granary, and two halls of assembly. The ruins were designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1980.


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