noun \ˈmä-(ˌ)jül\

: one of a set of parts that can be connected or combined to build or complete something

: a part of a computer or computer program that does a particular job

: a part of a space vehicle that can work alone

Full Definition of MODULE

:  a standard or unit of measurement
:  the size of some one part taken as a unit of measure by which the proportions of an architectural composition are regulated
a :  any in a series of standardized units for use together: as (1) :  a unit of furniture or architecture (2) :  an educational unit which covers a single subject or topic
b :  a usually packaged functional assembly of electronic components for use with other such assemblies
:  an independently operable unit that is a part of the total structure of a space vehicle
a :  a subset of an additive group that is also a group under addition
b :  a mathematical set that is a commutative group under addition and that is closed under multiplication which is distributive from the left or right or both by elements of a ring and for which a(bx) = (ab)x or (xb)a = x(ba) or both where a and b are elements of the ring and x belongs to the set

Examples of MODULE

  1. factories that build engines, transmissions, brakes, and other modules for cars
  2. a memory module for storing information

Origin of MODULE

Latin modulus
First Known Use: circa 1628

Other Weights and Measures Terms

avoirdupois weight, calorie, denier, kip, pace, twain

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noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

In architecture, a unit adopted to regulate the dimensions, proportions, or construction of the parts of a building. Modules based on the diameter of a column were used in Classical architecture. In Japanese architecture, room sizes were determined by combinations of standard rice mats called tatami. Both Frank Lloyd Wright and Le Corbusier used modular proportioning systems. Standardized modular design reduces waste, lowers costs, and offers ease of erection, flexible arrangement, and variety of use; however, most architects and producers of building materials continue to use modules based on their own special needs and interests.


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