noun \ˈmik-sər\

: a machine used for mixing things

: a drink (such as soda) that does not contain alcohol and that is used in an alcoholic mixed drink

: someone who controls the recording of sounds (such as the words and music) that go with a movie or television show

Full Definition of MIXER

:  one that mixes: as
a (1) :  one whose work is mixing the ingredients of a product
(2) :  one who balances and controls the dialogue, music, and sound effects to be recorded for or with a motion picture or television
b :  a container, device, or machine for mixing
c :  a game, stunt, or dance used at a get-together to give members of the group an opportunity to meet one another in a friendly and informal atmosphere ; also :  the get-together itself
:  one that mixes with others: as
a :  a person considered in regard to casual sociability <was shy and a poor mixer>
b :  a nonalcoholic beverage (as ginger ale) used in a mixed drink

Examples of MIXER

  1. Orange juice is her favorite mixer.

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