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adjective mis·sile \ˈmi-səl, chiefly British -ˌsīl\

Definition of MISSILE

:  capable of being thrown or projected to strike a distant object
:  adapted for throwing or hurling missiles

Origin of MISSILE

Latin missilis, from mittere to throw, send
First Known Use: 1611



: an object that is thrown, shot, or launched as a weapon; especially : a rocket that explodes when it hits a distant target

Full Definition of MISSILE

:  an object (as a weapon) thrown or projected usually so as to strike something at a distance <stones, artillery shells, bullets, and rockets are missiles>: as
a :  guided missile
b :  ballistic missile

First Known Use of MISSILE

circa 1656

Other Military Terms

bivouac, logistics, petard, salient, sally, supernumerary, tactical

Rhymes with MISSILE

MISSILE[2] Defined for Kids


noun mis·sile \ˈmi-səl\

Definition of MISSILE for Kids

:  an object (as a stone, arrow, bullet, or rocket) that is dropped, thrown, shot, or launched usually so as to strike something at a distance

Word Root of MISSILE

The Latin word mittere, meaning to send, and its form missus give us the roots mit and miss. Words from the Latin mittere have something to do with sending. A missile is an object, such as a bullet, arrow, or rocket, that is sent through the air so as to hit a target. To emit is to send forth or give out. To omit, or leave out, is to send away so as to not be included. To permit, or allow, is to send something through without stopping it.


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