verb mis·place \ˌmis-ˈplās\

: to put (something) in the wrong place

: to lose (something) for a short time by forgetting where you put it

: to direct (a feeling, such as trust or confidence) toward someone or something that does not deserve it

Full Definition of MISPLACE

transitive verb
a :  to put in a wrong or inappropriate place <misplace a comma>
b :  mislay <misplaced the keys>
:  to set on a wrong object or eventuality <his trust had been misplaced>
mis·place·ment \-ˈplās-mənt\ noun

Examples of MISPLACE

  1. <I seem to have misplaced my keys.>

First Known Use of MISPLACE

MISPLACE Defined for Kids


verb mis·place \mis-ˈplās\

Definition of MISPLACE for Kids

:  to put (something) where it doesn't belong <misplace a comma>
:  mislay

Synonym Discussion of MISPLACE

misplace and mislay mean to put in the wrong place. misplace may mean to put something in a place that is not its usual location. <Someone seems to have misplaced the crayons.> misplace may also mean putting something where it should not have been at all. <I misplaced my confidence in them.> mislay means not only placing something in the wrong location but also forgetting that location. <I mislaid my keys.>


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