noun \ˈmərv\

Definition of MIRV

:  a missile with two or more warheads designed to strike separate enemy targets; also :  any of the warheads of such a missile

Origin of MIRV

multiple independently targeted reentry vehicle
First Known Use: 1967

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Definition of MIRV

transitive verb
:  to equip with MIRV warheads
intransitive verb
:  to arm one's forces with MIRVs

First Known Use of MIRV



noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Any of several nuclear warheads carried on the front end of a ballistic missile. The technique allows separately targeted nuclear warheads to be released from the missile on different trajectories, thus attacking several targets from only one launcher. MIRVed ballistic missiles were first deployed by the U.S. and then the Soviet Union in the 1970s, followed by Britain and France in the 1980s and possibly China in the 1990s. Because multiple warheads represent a significant increase in firepower, they have often been an issue in arms control negotations. The Strategic Arms Reduction Talks commit both the U.S. and Russia to limit the number of MIRVs on some missiles.

Variants of MIRV

MIRV in full multiple independently targeted reentry vehicle


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