verb \ˈmiŋ-gəl\

: to combine or bring together two or more things

: to move around during a party, meeting, etc., and talk informally with different people

min·gledmin·gling \-g(ə-)liŋ\

Full Definition of MINGLE

transitive verb
:  to bring or mix together or with something else usually without fundamental loss of identity :  intermix
archaic :  to prepare by mixing :  concoct
intransitive verb
:  to become mingled
a :  to come into contact :  associate
b :  to move about (as in a group) <mingled with the guests>

Examples of MINGLE

  1. The story mingles fact and fiction.
  2. Several flavors mingle in the stew.
  3. It's a story in which fact mingles with fiction.
  4. The host was too busy to mingle during the party.

Origin of MINGLE

Middle English menglen, frequentative of mengen to mix, from Old English mengan; akin to Middle High German mengen to mix, Greek massein to knead
First Known Use: 15th century

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