adjective \-ləs\

: having or showing no ability to think, feel, or respond

: showing no use of intelligence or thought : having no purpose

: requiring very little attention or thought

Full Definition of MINDLESS

a :  marked by a lack of mind or consciousness <a mindless sleep>
b (1) :  marked by or displaying no use of the powers of the intellect <mindless violence>
(2) :  requiring little attention or thought; especially :  not intellectually challenging or stimulating <mindless work> <a mindless movie>
:  not mindful :  heedless <mindless of the consequences>
mind·less·ly adverb
mind·less·ness noun

Examples of MINDLESS

  1. The article was a mindless piece of nonsense.
  2. The movie has been criticized for its mindless violence.
  3. a mindless waste of time
  4. He seemed to be completely mindless of the danger he was facing.
  5. She was mindless of her appearance.

First Known Use of MINDLESS

before 12th century

Related to MINDLESS

airheaded, birdbrained, bonehead, boneheaded, brain-dead, brainless, bubbleheaded, chuckleheaded, dense, dim, dim-witted, doltish, dopey (also dopy), dorky [slang], dull, dumb, dunderheaded, empty-headed, fatuous, gormless [chiefly British], half-witted, knuckleheaded, lamebrain (or lamebrained), lunkheaded, stupid, oafish, obtuse, opaque, pinheaded, senseless, simple, slow, slow-witted, soft, softheaded, thick, thickheaded, thick-witted, unintelligent, unsmart, vacuous, weak-minded, witless
apt, brainy, bright, brilliant, clever, fast, hyperintelligent, intelligent, keen, nimble, quick, quick-witted, sharp, sharp-witted, smart, supersmart, ultrasmart

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