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noun milk·sop \ˈmilk-ˌsäp\

Simple Definition of milksop

  • : a weak boy or man

Source: Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary

Full Definition of milksop

  1. :  an unmanly man :  mollycoddle

Origin and Etymology of milksop

Middle English, literally, bread soaked in milk

First Known Use: 14th century

Rhymes with milksop

Aesop, airdrop, a pop, atop, backdrop, backstop, bakeshop, barhop, bebop, bed-hop, bellhop, benchtop, big top, blacktop, bookshop, carhop, cartop, cash crop, chop-chop, chop shop, clip-clop, click stop, clop-clop, closed shop, coin-op, cookshop, cooktop, co-op, cough drop, desktop, doorstop, doo-wop, dramshop, drop-top, dry mop, dust mop, eardrop, eavesdrop, ESOP, estop, field crop, flag stop, flue stop, f-stop, fire-stop, flattop, flip-flop, foretop, grogshop, gumdrop, hardtop, head shop, hedgehop, high-top, hilltop, hip-hop, hockshop, housetop, joypop, laptop, mail drop, maintop, name-drop, nonstop, one-stop, outcrop, palmtop, pawnshop, pipe stop, pit stop, pop-top, post-op, pre-op, pro shop, ragtop, raindrop, redtop, ridgetop, ripstop, rooftop, root crop, sharecrop, shortstop, skin-pop, slipslop, snowdrop, soursop, speed shop, stonecrop, strip-crop, sweatshop, sweetshop, sweetsop, tank top, teardrop, thrift shop, tip-top, treetop, trip-hop, truck stop, unstop, wineshop, workshop

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a feeling of fear that causes hesitation

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