adjective \mə-ˈti-kyə-ləs\

: very careful about doing something in an extremely accurate and exact way

Full Definition of METICULOUS

:  marked by extreme or excessive care in the consideration or treatment of details <a meticulous researcher>
me·tic·u·los·i·ty \-ˌti-kyə-ˈlä-sə-tē\ noun
me·tic·u·lous·ly \-ˈti-kyə-ləs-lē\ adverb
me·tic·u·lous·ness \-nəs\ noun

Examples of METICULOUS

  1. He described the scene in meticulous detail.
  2. He is meticulous about keeping accurate records.
  3. Always meticulous about his appearance in the past, he had become dirty and unkempt, with straggly hair, stained clothes, and patches of silver stubble on his chin. —Minette Walters, Fox Evil, 2002


Latin meticulosus fearful, irregular from metus fear
First Known Use: 1827

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