adjective me·thod·i·cal \mə-ˈthä-di-kəl\

: done by using a careful and organized procedure

: working in a very careful and organized way

Full Definition of METHODICAL

:  arranged, characterized by, or performed with method or order <a methodical treatment of the subject>
:  habitually proceeding according to method :  systematic <methodical in his daily routine>
me·thod·i·cal·ly \-di-k(ə-)lē\ adverb
me·thod·i·cal·ness \-di-kəl-nəs\ noun

Variants of METHODICAL

me·thod·i·cal also me·thod·ic \-dik\

Examples of METHODICAL

  1. Their methodical review of the evidence exposed some problems with the study's findings.
  2. She's a slow and methodical worker, and her drawings reflect the extra care she takes.

First Known Use of METHODICAL

METHODICALLY Defined for Kids


adjective me·thod·i·cal \mə-ˈthä-di-kəl\

Definition of METHODICAL for Kids

:  done or arranged in a planned way :  using a careful and orderly procedure <… he began a methodical search, back and forth across the property … — Carl Hiaasen, Hoot>
:  following a planned and orderly way of doing something especially out of habit <He was a slow and methodical worker.>
me·thod·i·cal·ly adverb


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