verb \mə-ˈtas-tə-ˌsīz\

Definition of METASTASIZE

intransitive verb
:  to spread or grow by or as if by metastasis

First Known Use of METASTASIZE


Other Medicine Terms

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intransitive verb    (Medical Dictionary)
me·tas·ta·sized also British me·tas·ta·sisedme·tas·ta·siz·ing also British me·tas·ta·sis·ing

Medical Definition of METASTASIZE

: to spread by metastasis <the lesion already had metastasized beyond the larynx before a diagnosis of carcinoma was made—American Practitioner>
me·tas·ta·si·za·tion also British me·tas·ta·si·sa·tion \mə-ˌtas-tə-sə-ˈzā-shən\ noun


me·tas·ta·size also British me·tas·ta·sise \mə-ˈtas-tə-ˌsīz\


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