adjective \men-ˈdā-shəs\

: not honest : likely to tell lies

: based on lies

Full Definition of MENDACIOUS

:  given to or characterized by deception or falsehood or divergence from absolute truth <mendacious tales of his adventures>
men·da·cious·ly adverb
men·da·cious·ness noun

Examples of MENDACIOUS

  1. The newspaper story was mendacious and hurtful.
  2. <that tabloid routinely publishes the most moronically mendacious stories about celebrities>
  3. Indeed, the racist and Malthusian elements in Darwin's work are subjects on which the new secularists are either silent, delicate, or mendacious. —Eugene McCarraher, Commonweal, 15 June 2007


Latin mendac-, mendax — more at amend
First Known Use: 1616


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