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Island of the Cyclades, Greece. It is 14 mi (23 km) long and occupies an area of 58 sq mi (151 sq km). Melos (Mílos) is the chief town. On the ancient acropolis of Adamanda, the Venus de Milo (now in the Louvre Museum) was found in 1820. The settlement of Phylakopi, dating from 1550 BC, was destroyed c. 1100 BC by Dorian settlers. In 416 BC Melos was conquered by Athens, which killed the entire male population in reprisal for the island's neutrality in the Peloponnesian War. Lysander later restored the island to the Dorians, but it never recovered its prosperity. Later, under Crusader rule, it formed part of the duchy of Naxos.

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Melos Greek Mílos


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