geographical name \ˈme-gə-rə\

Definition of MEGARA

city & port Greece on Saronic Gulf W of Athens pop 17,294; chief town of ancient Meg·a·ris \ˈme-gə-rəs\ (district between Saronic Gulf & Gulf of Corinth)
Me·gar·i·an \mə-ˈger-ē-ən, me-\ adjective or noun


   (Concise Encyclopedia)

Port city (pop., 2001: 29,787), Greece. Situated on the Saronic Gulf and west of Athens, it served as the capital of ancient Megaris. A maritime power, by the 7th century BC it had established colonies in Sicily, Chalcedon, Byzantium, Bithynia, and Crimea. During the Peloponnesian War (431–404 BC) it was subjugated by Athens and forced into financial ruin. In the 4th century AD it recovered some prosperity, but in 1500 it was depopulated by the Venetians. It was the birthplace of Eucleides, founder of the Megarian school of philosophy.


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