adjective \ˈme-də-ˌler-ē, ˈme-jə-; mə-ˈdə-lə-rē\

Definition of MEDULLARY

:  of or relating to the pith of a plant
:  of or relating to a medulla and especially the medulla oblongata

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adjective \ˈmed-əl-ˌer-ē, ˈmej-ə-ˌler-ē; mə-ˈdəl-ə-rē\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of MEDULLARY

a : of or relating to the medulla of any body part or organ b : containing, consisting of, or resembling bone marrow c : of or relating to the medulla oblongata or the spinal cord d : of, relating to, or formed of the dorsally located embryonic ectoderm destined to sink below the surface and become neural tissue
: resembling bone marrow in consistency—used of cancers


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