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noun ma·tron \ˈmā-trən\

: an older married woman who usually has a high social position

: a woman whose job is to be in charge of children or other women

: a female nurse who is in charge of the other nurses in a hospital

Full Definition of MATRON

a :  a married woman usually marked by dignified maturity or social distinction
b :  a woman who supervises women or children (as in a school or police station)
c :  the chief officer in a women's organization
:  a female animal kept for breeding

Examples of MATRON

  1. society matrons who organize benefits for charity
  2. the matron of a school for girls

Origin of MATRON

Middle English matrone, from Anglo-French, from Latin matrona, from matr-, mater
First Known Use: 14th century

Rhymes with MATRON

MATRON Defined for Kids


noun ma·tron \ˈmā-trən\

Definition of MATRON for Kids

:  a married woman usually of high social position
:  a woman who is in charge of women or children (as in a school or police station)

Word Root of MATRON

The Latin word mater, meaning mother, gives us the root mater or matr. Anyone or anything maternal, such as a grandparent, is related through the mother's side of the family. Maternity is the state of being a mother. A matriarch is a woman who is the mother and head of a family. A matron is a married woman who may be a mother.
Medical Dictionary


noun ma·tron \ˈmā-trən\

Medical Definition of MATRON

British :  a woman superintendent of a medical institution (as a hospital)


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